How long will it take to analyze my writing?

  • Our software is designed to perform quickly so there is as little waiting time as possible. The site operates in real time and your writing should be analyzed and your results delivered in under a minute in majority of cases.

Will using the site leave a record and cause my writing to appear plagiarized if checked?

  • No. Your writing will not be stored anywhere to ensure complete privacy and ensure it will not appear as plagiarism if checked.

Do I have to download anything to use the free grammar checker tool?

  • You do not have to download any software to use the tool. All the checks are completed on our site which also ensures results are quickly returned. You have the option to use our editor on the homepage or copy/paste from your favorite word processing app.

Is the service free to use? Will it always be free?

  • Yes and yes! The grammar checker tool will remain 100% free. We are able to subsidize our costs with the small amount of advertisements you see located on our website.

Is there a limit to how many words I can check?

  • You can currently check a little over 3,000 words (20,000 characters) at a time, which is roughly 7 pages single spaced. This is to ensure we are able to deliver quick results to all our users. However, you are able to use the grammar checker as many times as you like and can therefore check the entirety of your writing with our tool.

Will my work be index on search engines when your website is crawled?

  • No. None of the text you check with our tool is permanently stored anywhere so your work is always kept private.